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Terms & Conditions



Artisan Coin Productions (ACP) is a direct distributor and sells coins of various national mints in retail and bulk. Determination of the required minimum size of any order is within ACP’s discretion. ACP makes that determination based on the type of coins sought for purchase and the availability thereof from the issuing countries’ national mints.

ACP does not maintain a sizable inventory of coins and its ability to accept and fill orders is based on the availability of coins for order and delivery from the issuing countries’ national mints.


All orders from ACP require one hundred percent prepayment. Shipment of Your order will not occur, and title to the items comprising Your order from ACP shall not pass to You, until Your order has been paid in full. Payment for coins and/or other products ordered from ACP shall be made in U.S. dollars or converted from Your local currency.

ACP’s policy is to issue an electronic invoice or an online order-confirmation to the ordering client prior to the shipment of any order. The invoice shall be sent to the ordering client by email directed to the e-mail address provided by the ordering client at the time of registration of the ordering client’s account with ACP. Each invoice will contain shipping and billing information, including the address to which the order is due to be shipped. Orders will be sent only to the shipping address stated in the invoice. It is the ordering client’s responsibility to carefully check each invoice and alert ACP of any errors therein prior to the shipment date. ACP disclaims all liability for errors in shipment resulting from the ordering client’s failure to notify ACP of required corrections to the shipment address and/or other information stated in ACP’s invoice prior to shipment.

Other Terms

All requests for the correction of errors of shipment and delivery information, and prepayment in full of the amounts due stated in any invoice, must be made by the ordering client and received by ACP within two (2) business days from the date that ACP transmits the invoice to the ordering client by email.

In the event prepayment in full for any order has not been received by ACP within two (2) business days from the date of e-mail transmission of any invoice to the ordering client, the order to which the invoice relates may be suspended or canceled. In the event, an order has been canceled by ACP due to the ordering client’s failure to prepay the required amount within two (2) business days in the manner provided in these Terms and Conditions, the products described in the order may be re-ordered by placing a new order with ACP.

The payment of any bank charges or fees and/or related taxes or similar charges required to transfer payment funds to ACP shall be the ordering client’s sole and exclusive responsibility.

Once prepayment in full has been made by the ordering client and received by ACP, shipment of the order shall occur in due course using ACP’s ordinary procedures for filling and shipping orders that You can find under the Delivery Information page. The coins sold by ACP are ordered from national mints after receipt of prepayment in full for the order from the ordering client or ACP uses their own funds to purchase products to have them in stock. Orders for bullion coins are ordinarily delivered to the ordering customer at the designated shipment destination within a period of 1-30 calendar days from the date of receipt of prepayment.

The prices of the coins and other products offered for sale on ACP’s website fluctuate on account of fluctuations in the prices of precious metals and related market conditions. Placing an order for coins and other products fixes the price of that order to the ordering client temporarily for a period of two (2) business days or until payment for those products has been received from the ordering client, whichever occurs earlier. Once the ordering client has made full prepayment, the price of the order will be deemed final and will be confirmed in the invoice e-mailed to the ordering client prior to shipment. Prices listed on the invoice are final as of the date of the invoice and not subject to increase on account of changes in the cost of precious metals, the introduction or abolition of applicable taxes, or other similar circumstances will not constitute a change in the price of the products.

ACP shall notify the ordering client by email that the event prepayment in full has not been received within two (2) business days in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. In the event any ordering client fails to prepay in full the amount of any order within two (2) business days, and this occurs more than once in any calendar year, ACP may, in its discretion, bar that client from placing any more orders with ACP for the remainder of the calendar year in which such multiple instances of failure to prepay occur or permanently. Also, ACP may inform any other coin companies about such not reliable clients.

Many national mints that supply ACP set quotas or other restrictions on the number of certain coins that may be ordered by distributors. In addition, certain coins may become unavailable for other reasons that are beyond ACP’s control. In the event ACP is unable to fill an order on account of the operation of quota limits or other restrictions, or because any ordered coin has become unavailable and can no longer be ordered, ACP reserves the right to cancel the order and make a full refund of the prepayment funds received from the ordering client. Alternatively, ACP may offer the ordering client a substitution of similar kind and value by Store Credit. The acceptance of any offer of substitution by ACP shall be solely within the ordering client’s discretion.

ACP shall issue a written confirmation of shipment by e-mail to the ordering client upon shipment of the ordering client’s order. This ordinarily occurs on the day of shipment. The written confirmation contains all necessary information regarding the status of the order, including a tracking number that can be used to track the movement and delivery status of the order on the shipping or a tracking company’s website. However, ACP can not control accuracy of scanning shipping labels by a carrier, tracking online updates and possible shipping delays.

More information regarding ACP’s procedures for the shipment of orders may be found on ACP’s website, in its “Delivery Information” page. ACP reserves the right to cancel an order with a country where ACP can not deliver.

ACP is not responsible for delays in delivery of orders due to customs control issues, or on account of the acts of government agencies with authority over the order in the countries of destination to which delivery of orders takes place.

These Terms and Conditions can be changed by ACP without prior notice to ACP’s clients. Please check this page from time to time to track changes in the terms and conditions

If You have some comment or questions please email us at info (at)

Thank You for Your business!

Your friend in the numismatics world,
Artisan Coin Productions

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