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The World’s First Mobile Coin Application

Scan a coin using your mobile camera and the coin comes to life with sound and movement, thanks to augmented reality (AR) technology

Instruction for the
AR-mobile coin app

• download the mobile app ARTISAN COINS to your mobile         device on Apple Store for iOS or Google Play for Android


• place a coin in front of your mobile camera and hold it for a     few seconds until you will see AR animation on the screen of     your device


• for the best quality result, please use bright lighting or be           outdoor


• Artisan Coins mobile coin app can demonstrate

   augmented reality experience only of the specific coins that     you can find at the menu of the mobile app

New coins will continue to be added. Stay tuned!

Enjoy augmented reality coin experience with Artisan Coin Productions

Visit your app store to learn more and download the app

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