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Augmented reality (AR) world’s first mobile coin application Artisan Coins to enjoy a new coin experience

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The novel, one-of-a-kind government collectible legal tender low mintage coins from precious metals.
Price Grow Coins! ©

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a revolutionary minting technology, the absolute finest in coin relief

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Artisan Coin Productions, a California-based coin design studio.

• In 2014 the company was established as a marketing coin agency for producing high-end professional promotion coin videos and pictures. Major world coin companies and mints use our service for their marketing needs.

• Since 2017 the company creates novel, one-of-a-kind government collectible legal tender low mintage coins from precious metals that should grow in value. Price Grow Coins! ©

Artisan Coin Productions is a team of talented artists, designers, sculptors, coin experts, retail and marketing specialists.

• In 2018 our studio published the world’s first mobile coin application, ARTISAN COINS - where you scan a coin using your mobile camera, and the coin comes to life with sound and movement, thanks to augmented reality (AR) technology.

• In 2020 the company launched its own new minting technology called Pinnacle Relief © - a revolutionary minting technology, the pinnacle of coin relief.

• 28 October 2022 the Robots coins from the Next Evolution series have received the 1st place in “Unique Concept” nomination at "XVI Coin Constellation" among hundreds of coins from 17 countries from 21 mints and coin companies. In 2022, the competition is being held for the sixteenth time, and it can be stated that over the years it has become one of the most authoritative in the world. The winners are determined by a professional jury consisting of specialists from the largest museums, auction houses, numismatic societies, commercial banks, specialized publications about coins.

Getting into the nomination "Unique Concept" is not an easy goal. The coin can be made of any metal; the technologies used by its creators do not matter. The main thing is the idea and the depth of implementation.

The first place in the nomination "Unique concept" was taken by the coin "Robots", minted by Artisan Coin Productions (USA).

More details about the "Coin Constellation" award >

• 24 February 2023 the Robots coins from the Next Evolution series have received another and very prestige award - 1st place in “Most Inspirational Coin” nomination at "COTY competition (Coin of The Year)" from 2,300 coins produced around the globe, 100 rose to the top. This is how 10 coins in 10 categories of competition became The COTY 100, these to be considered by an international panel of judges in the first round of voting in the 2023 Coin of the Year awards. The coins are all dated 2021.

The program, presented by World Coin News and sponsored by The Journal of East Asian Numismatics, begins each year when the COTY Nominating Committee convenes to select these 100 nominees.


“After all the preliminary weeding down from roughly 2,300 coins produced in 2021, the COTY Nominating Committee considered nearly 400 coins from 40 countries in just about four hours,” said Tom Michael, COTY co-coordinator, senior editor and market analyst for NumisMaster. “In the end, they selected coins from more than 30 of them as finalists. I really like that broad span! It tells us that an increasing number of coin producers and issuing countries are creating hand-held works of high quality on an ever-expanding basis.”

Voting for the Most Inspirational coin was very diverse this year, with COTY Judges looking to the past, present and future for inspiring themes. The winner arose from a view of the future with The Next Evolution 20 Dollar black proof silver and gold plated issue for Tokelau paving the way for this countries first COTY win and some major recognition for Artisan Coin Productions innovative design work.


More details about the "COTY" award >

You can also view video clips on Artisan Coin Productions’ YouTube and Instagram channels with more detailed information about our coins.

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Artisan Coin Productions

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